about anne

I have a miniature garden that tells a big story. That is the gift that Anne brings to my garden. She sees the story and then she translates it into form and structure. The trick is to make very inch work together and not become a fiddly series of little stories, but rather one large picture that holds small surprise of enchantment. That is her gift, and she does it very well. I believe that it is much easier to work with a larger garden than to create the feeling of intimacy and space all in miniature form. She is brilliant at what she does, and I am most grateful.
Gail Stevenson

I have had the privilege of being Anne's client/customer for 5 years. Every year my garden is more and more fantastic. She does my roof top deck which consists of 20 or so pots. She does my window boxes and back yard with several water features. All this might be very challenging too others who have tried. Not Anne. She has an extraordinary sense of design and color and the exotic. She can do very traditional stuff but she works well with the garden reflecting my zany personality. I hold several garden parties a year and without exception the reaction is WOW! Come by in the late spring the garden will speak for itself. She works hard and brings good value for her services. Honestly she is a 10.
Larry Myers

I can't believe the transformation. Our garden is exactly what we'd hoped for -- a beautiful, personal, and practical space we can enjoy with our family and friends. Thank you so much.
Ben Clermont

Thank-you so much for your creativity and your unwavering committment to execute the plan within my timeframe. I am thrilled with the results. This garden will bring me untold pleasure year after year.
Lotte Davis
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Working with Anne is more than creating a beautiful garden. It is about telling a story. I met Anne about 15 years ago. We became instant friends and spent as much time sharing the story of our lives as discussing how I wanted the garden to look. As a result the inspiration for the gardens was intensely personal.

The space is both beautiful and poignant. Whenever I pass through on my way in or out of my home I am reminded of a person or a place that has had an impact on my life. Anne is extremely gifted. She has the ability and knowledge to transform the most ordinary space into a wondrous combination of texture and colour. The combination of plants... both common and unusual... make her creations unique and captivating.

I love where I live...my home is beautiful and comfortable. However it would be so much less were it not for the addition Anne's skill and magic.
Stephanie Carlson

Working with Anne has been an excellent experience. She is creative, knowledgeable and professional in her approach. I appreciated her ability to look at the property and design a garden that complemented the house yet keeping in mind our own personal wishes. The end result has been a lovely restful space that satisfies our family's needs.
Lynette Cooper

It was wonderful to work with Anne. She took the time to make sure she understood our needs. We were looking to create a garden which not only shows off our 1912 heritage home, but which also suits our lifestyle. She was able to put together a design that is not only beautiful, but incorporated all the elements we wanted. We are thrilled with the results.
Ruth Mandt

We spent many happy moments lingering in its loveliness (St. Paul's memorial garden). Thank you for it!
Diane D.

Thank you Anne! You were such a great help. I hope you'll be able to do my North Vancouver garden for me!
Joanne E.

The garden is coming up already and looks terrific. Thanks for being the craftsman who makes this magic.
Darlene Marzari

Thanks for taking such good care of our garden in our absence.
Barbara H.